Volume-345 and Volume-544 are paintings exhibited in the Central Saint Martins Degree Show, 24-29 May 2016.

They are the result critical observation of studio spaces, commenting on the removal of art from its place of making.

My work reflects on institutional critique and spectatorship by bringing the essence, or ‘extract’, of the studio space into the exhibition room. ‘Extract’ refers to the digital tool used to isolate colours from photographs, as to reduce the atmospheric perception of sites to colour.

The immaculate appearance of the paintings, synonym of the gallery aesthetic, is interrupted by gaps on the continuity of the surface. Folds reveal the dominant colour extracted from images depicting the site that the paintings currently inhabit.

The opening is a projection towards the outside that makes the invisible, visible and makes the viewer aware of the volume that contains him. My work has a phenomenological character as my interest lies in the space of Art Encounters: a behavioural and emotional space where the viewer meets Art with a heightened awareness of site and presence.